Internet Service

Lobby Internet Service

Free Wi-Fi Spot

You can use the lobby on the first floor and around the coin-operated computer. For details, please refer to the setting method below.


Wireless LAN Standard


Coding of a Radio

[ESS-ID] 1F-lobby


※It's aquired automatically of IP adress DNS server


※Wireless encryption is not carried out. Do not share folders.
※On the hotel side, we do not provide any explanation of the support and facilities related to the connection.


PC (additional charge)

You can enjoy the 24-hour Internet with a desktop computer in the lobby. (100 yen/10 minutes * Tax included)

・A variety of free email services are available.
・After use, you can automatically erase your history and use your credit card for peace of mind.
・We support English and Korea language display.

【Precautions for use】
・Please refrain from eating or drinking at the time of use.
・It is not refundable even if the operation is completed earlier than the available time.
・The print is subtracted 120 seconds per sheet. Printing cannot be stopped.
・In the event of the use of PC equipment, the hotel will not be liable for any damage or loss of your data, etc.


Room Internet Service

Free Wi-Fi

The "Pleasure room premium" and "Comfort Deluxe" are all equipped with Wi-Fi. Guests are free to use the Wi-Fi in the room.

Wi-Fi (surcharge)

The "Pocket WiFi 502HW" of Wai Mobile is rented at the front desk for 500 yen (tax included) per night.

・For guests only
・There is a limited number. Please understand it beforehand.
・Please refrain from using the rooms and the lobby outside.
・The rental period is from 3 pm on the check-in date until 12:00 noon on the check-out date.

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